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Stay on top of new ideas and groundbreaking studies in the field of social work from Widener University faculty members. Learn more about your instructors’ areas of specialty and arm yourself with current knowledge to better serve your clients and thrive in your social work career.

Responsibilities of a Social Worker

While breaking down the role of a social worker into one of the five major responsibilities below seems to simplify the work at hand, they are richly different activities for each client and every social worker.

A Look Into Clinical Social Work Careers

In a recent blog article,1 I discussed the place of clinical social work within the broader social work profession and I highlighted Widener’s trauma-informed clinical MSW program.2  As you formulate your ideas about a c

A Career in Child and Family Social Work

The importance of human relationships within the context of clients’ lives is a cross-cutting principle in the field of social work.1  Child and family social workers draw on their understanding of a complex web of relationships (n

MSW Programs: How to Choose the Right One

Whether you are thinking about becoming a social worker or seeking to advance your current career, there are a multitude of factors to consider when looking at Master of Social Work (MSW) programs. Social work is a broad field.

Is an Online MSW Right for Me?

Figuring out whether to choose an online versus an on-campus MSW program can be a difficult process.

An MSW’s Career Guide

Social workers dedicate their lives to helping others, serving their communities as they assist clients in adapting to a life change, weather a crisis, or overcome an addiction.

Mental Health Care: A Salary Guide for Therapists and Social Workers

You don’t need to look much further than the news to understand why the job growth rate of social workers is expected to increase 12 percent between 2014 and 2024.1 Health care reform increased access to health care benefits and mandated that trea

Difference Between For-Profit and Nonprofit Colleges

In recent years, as demand for post-secondary education has surged, an increasing number of for-profit colleges have sprouted.

The Top Five Careers in Social Work

The changing political landscape and shift in awareness of effective treatment for those with mental health and substance abuse issues means a rapid increase in job growth for licensed social workers with a master’s degree in social work.

The Value of a Master’s Degree in Social Work

For committed social workers, this career is a calling. These professionals have a deep-seeded passion to enrich communities and the lives of individuals by creating purposeful, positive changes.